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Antenna for 4G Modem

992 words | June 29, 2020

Current reading: SINR/RSRP: 20 dB / -95 dBm. Do I need an antenna? Not sure. Would it be fun to make an antenna? Certainly! So let’s get started:smile:

FPGA and a rotary encoder

1679 words | March 22, 2020

When I studied FPGA 1 in the begining, I really wanted to have some kind of visible response to my program. The built-in RGB LED became old quickly, in parti...

DIY PS/2 keyboard adapter

1740 words | September 12, 2019

On the one hand, the adapter accepts keystrokes from the standard PS / 2 keyboard, and on the other hand, manipulates the input lines of the 1801VP1-014 chip...

Slackware on Orange Pi Zero

580 words | August 21, 2019

Orange Pi Zero Orange Pi Zero is a small old single board computer from Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO. Limited.

From model to the real thing

35 words | February 20, 2019

The process of modeling and manufacturing parts from start to finish. Was used 6mm thick plastic, single-flute cutter 3.175mm.