Configuring the Multimedia Keys in Xorg

91 words | 2014-12-15

The Acer C720 does not have the designated F1-10 function keys, instead the corresponding keys are marked with different icons. For example F8 is designated as “mute”, F9 - “decrease the volume”, F10 - “increase the volume”. That’s how these keys work under ChromeOS. In order to partially repeat this functionality, we’ll use xbindkeys.

Multimedia keys on the Acer C720 keyboard

Create the file ${HOME}/.xbindkeys with the following contents:

# volume
"mixer -f /dev/mixer1 vol -5"

"mixer -f /dev/mixer1 vol +5"

It’s correct for DragonFly BSD, because the /dev/mixer0 device is equal to the hdmi output.