Solving problems after upgrading Android cwonto Xiaomi

97 words | 2016-3-27

After upgrading Xiaomi Mi 4LTE to MIUI (MXDCNDB), the version of the android in the phone changed to 6.0.1. As a side effect, the watch LG G Watch R 1085 has disconnected from the phone, and on the phone itself Google Play Services panicked. Below is the way to restore the phone-to-watch connection.

  1. Remove Google apps Xiaomi remove Google apps

  2. Reboot to native Recovery and clear the cache (Wipe Cache).

  3. Setup the Google Installer. It’s easy found in Mi store. Launch Mi store Google installer

  4. Reboot.

  5. Launch Google Play and install Google App. Start Google Play Market Google app Install Google apps
  6. Reboot.

  7. Remove Google account.

  8. Reboot.

  9. Launch Google Play and setup Android Wear. Install Android Wear on Xiaomi