Space Mercenary: Discover of the Week

566 words | 2017-8-10

It happens that having started a routine cleaning in the attic, you go through old things in boxes and suddenly you find toy from your childhood, and memories will overwhelm you and you’ll forget about everything for a minute. That how it was with the game “Space Mercenary”.

“This time the work is really dangerous: to return the stolen sacred diamonds, which are mounted in the hull of a huge space station.” - the whole introduction in one sentence, which nevertheless accurately describes the game. We actually have to move in space to search and collect some sparkling things, and their current owners are not the friendliest creatures in the universe.

Rocket launcher We launch it and the eye immediately catch not the foggy, smoothed and fuzzy outlines a-la “real reality”, but clear and clean graphics in retro style. There are no difficulties in the perception of characters and actions on the screen, so typical of most 3D games of the latest generation. There is exactly as much details as needed: used cartridges fly off, trunks go from the recoil, fragments from explosions scatter, microexplosions when hit. And the meteors and space in the background, I’m just delighted - in some areas there is even a slight fear of heights :smile:

Successfully placed service tunnels provide a necessary respite between battles, and also represent a micro-game in which you can replenish ammunition, repair a shield, etc.

Twin turret gun A lot of the sense of retro is contributed by music, so well stylized . I even hooked up the headphones to listen and know what was discovered? That all sounds in the game are stereo! That is, if the gun shoots to the left, then it is heard on the left, if the rocket is launched to the right, then the sound will be on the right. Unfortunately the volume of music and effects is not regulated - they can only be turned off or on.

The game “Space mercenary” (宇宙佣兵) is positioned as an arcade game, and in fact for the performance of the task you will need skill. But it’s nice that the tactics are not forgotten - the damage to the defensive structures is permanent and this can be used given the circular surface of the space station.

Drone The game is quite simple and the loss of the ship is not punished too severely: besides three spare ships , Which can be used without losing achievements, there is also a mechanism for returning to the previous level. The game has a clear and understandable indication of how much you have progressed, both at the current level and in the global sense.

The possibility of using two types of armament of the ship (missiles and nasal cannons) seemed to me superfluous - I never left without a stock of missiles, as already mentioned, the game is not complicated, and the recharging points are placed often enough.

Control in the game is what it should be - convenient and inconspicuous. The tilt of the phone change the trajectory of the ship, and the symmetrical zones on the screen allow to shoot. I did not really like, though, that after losing the ship, I have to set the convenient speed again.

Summing up, I would say that I was happy to play a simple, light, but high-quality retro style arcade.

Link to the game in Google, the game is free:Space Mercenary.

Q code for the game