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Logical Level Converter

460 words | May 18, 2018

There is such a chip Max 7219, which is a seven-segment indicator controller. It not only allows to control eight such indicators, but also allows cascading ...

Storing Temperature in the Database

1468 words | April 09, 2018

Never hurts to have the database, let’s try to store data about temperature measurements. Let’s see if we can use influxdb on Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi and 1-wire Devices

509 words | March 28, 2018

1-wire - is a system of communication between devices, developed by Dallas Semiconductor Corp, which provides low-speed data exchange and power by a single w...

Raspberry Pi and Button

381 words | March 26, 2018

So, let’s see how GPIO works on the input. Approximately one can imagine GPIO (input) as: Do not pay attention to the diodes, they still will not save. Res...