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655 words | March 22, 2018

Last time we got a garland of four LEDs to turn on and off wonderfully. Let’s try to use the hardware PWM that Raspberry Pi has. Of course, there is nothing ...

More lights!

431 words | March 21, 2018

One blue LED was simply amazing. I have a few more LEDs in different colors. Let’s do something like a mini-garland!

Raspberry Pi GPIO Drive Strength

284 words | March 19, 2018

Last time, when the LED so delightfully shone, we completely lost sight of the need to somehow regulate the current on the GPIO, since 8mA, which set by defa...

Kotlin and GPIO in Raspberry Pi

586 words | March 17, 2018

Last time we calculated the electrical circuit and checked it on the breadboard. I had such an LED that we need to provide 4mA on any GPIO. Now it’s up to th...

A Prometheus Moment with Raspberry Pi

570 words | March 15, 2018

As a person who does not know which end to hold the soldering iron, I’m very afraid of damaging Raspberry Pi. Therefore I want to get a clear idea of how the...