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Antenna for 4G Modem

992 words | June 29, 2020

Current reading: SINR/RSRP: 20 dB / -95 dBm. Do I need an antenna? Not sure. Would it be fun to make an antenna? Certainly! So let’s get started:smile:

FPGA and a rotary encoder

1679 words | March 22, 2020

When I studied FPGA 1 in the begining, I really wanted to have some kind of visible response to my program. The built-in RGB LED became old quickly, in parti...

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Slackware on Orange Pi Zero

580 words | August 21, 2019

Orange Pi Zero Orange Pi Zero is a small old single board computer from Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO. Limited.

From model to the real thing

35 words | February 20, 2019

The process of modeling and manufacturing parts from start to finish. Was used 6mm thick plastic, single-flute cutter 3.175mm.

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Logical Level Converter

460 words | May 18, 2018

There is such a chip Max 7219, which is a seven-segment indicator controller. It not only allows to control eight such indicators, but also allows cascading ...

Storing Temperature in the Database

1468 words | April 09, 2018

Never hurts to have the database, let’s try to store data about temperature measurements. Let’s see if we can use influxdb on Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi and 1-wire Devices

509 words | March 28, 2018

1-wire - is a system of communication between devices, developed by Dallas Semiconductor Corp, which provides low-speed data exchange and power by a single w...

Raspberry Pi and Button

381 words | March 26, 2018

So, let’s see how GPIO works on the input. Approximately one can imagine GPIO (input) as: Do not pay attention to the diodes, they still will not save. Res...


655 words | March 22, 2018

Last time we got a garland of four LEDs to turn on and off wonderfully. Let’s try to use the hardware PWM that Raspberry Pi has. Of course, there is nothing ...

More lights!

431 words | March 21, 2018

One blue LED was simply amazing. I have a few more LEDs in different colors. Let’s do something like a mini-garland!

Raspberry Pi GPIO Drive Strength

284 words | March 19, 2018

Last time, when the LED so delightfully shone, we completely lost sight of the need to somehow regulate the current on the GPIO, since 8mA, which set by defa...

Kotlin and GPIO in Raspberry Pi

586 words | March 17, 2018

Last time we calculated the electrical circuit and checked it on the breadboard. I had such an LED that we need to provide 4mA on any GPIO. Now it’s up to th...

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Repairing the isolinux bootloader for Acer C720

285 words | November 18, 2017

It turned out that the antiX Linux installer does not want to be friends with my Acer C720: the installer runs into the so-called bootloop. The reason lies i...

The Oak Tree

34 words | August 30, 2017

All started with an acorn, photos of which I do not have :disappointed:

Mobile Game Review Space Mercenary

566 words | August 10, 2017

It happens that having started a routine cleaning in the attic, you go through old things in boxes and suddenly you find toy from your childhood, and memori...

Low-pass Filter for Android Sensors - Practice

522 words | August 07, 2017

As was promised we move from the static smoothing to dynamic one in order to take into account the frequency variation of receiving data from device sensors ...

Low-pass Filter for Android Sensors

521 words | August 06, 2017

A sensors in our mobile phones have, among other things, an imperfect output signal quality. Well, it’s difficult to do something with the hardware, but one...

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Web-engine in Lisp: Toy Realization

654 words | May 07, 2016

What happens inside browsers? How does this heap of tags turn into such amazing pages on the screen? Magic. I’ll try to depict something primitive to display...

Lisp: Creating a Standalone Executable File

196 words | May 01, 2016

The desire to make a separate stanalone executable file, although you can just give the source code, is a little strange, but let’s say that such a need aros...

Fix Android 6 Wear on Xiaomi

97 words | March 27, 2016

After upgrading Xiaomi Mi 4LTE to MIUI (MXDCNDB), the version of the android in the phone changed to 6.0.1. As a side effect, the watch LG G Watch R ...

Trilobit Game in Lisp: Simple Macros

278 words | January 23, 2016

Generally speaking, you can write in Lisp and still not be aware of macros. This is a dark art and it’s hard to master, but simple things can be tried.

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Trilobit Game in Lisp: New heuristics

366 words | December 26, 2015

The computer plays worse of its colleague from the 11th hour. It is necessary to do something with it. Let’s try other heuristics for the computer player.

Trilobite Game in Lisp: Minor Improvements

585 words | December 26, 2015

Although I lose to AI, it can not defeat the monster from the 11th hour game :frowning: And, until I have ideas for improving his work, I’ll do the decoratio...

Trilobit Game in Lisp: Improve AI

747 words | December 23, 2015

So the enemy already plays better than me, but this is not an achievement, I’m all overplayed. We will improve the artificial mind.

Trilobit Game in Lisp: Lazy Calculations

1018 words | December 15, 2015

Program decently plays on a tiny board, it’s time to think about increasing the playing field. Since with a simple increase in the size of the board, memory ...

Trilobite Game in Lisp: Rules and AI

812 words | December 14, 2015

The game, described earlier and which was almost alive is not yet clever. Let’s try to add a bit of intelligence to it.

Trilobite Game in Lisp: Problem Statement

589 words | December 11, 2015

Formulation of the problem In the 11th hour game a puzzle came into play, the purpose of which is to build 4 chips in a row. And you can not select the row f...

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Multimedia Keys and Xorg - Acer C720 Laptop

91 words | December 15, 2014

The Acer C720 does not have the designated F1-10 function keys, instead the corresponding keys are marked with different icons. For example F8 is designated ...

Keyboard Setup in Xorg - Acer C720 Laptop

346 words | December 08, 2014

The keyboard of the Chromebook Acer C720 is probably good for walks on the network and work in the Chrome OS, but I do not have enough keys to write the prog...

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